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Exam Overview

Examination Pattern (Exam 1 to 4)
  • The Questions are based on respective Modules of the CFPCM Certification Curriculum
  • The candidates will answer a multiple choice objective type examination,administered on-line by NSE.
  • All questions are designed to have a question body with 4 alternative options.
  • There is no negative marking.

The following is the Question Paper Pattern

One-fifth of the marks will be allotted in each of Exam 1-4 to the module "Introduction to Financial Planning"

Type of Questions
Number of Questions
Total Marks
1 Mark
40 Marks
2 Mark
40 Marks
4 Mark
60 Marks
140 Marks

The following Grading System will be used to provide grades.

    Score (Percentage)
    Equal and above 80%
    Equal and above 70% and less than 80%
    Equal and above 60% and less than 70%
    Less than 60%

Examination Pattern (Exam 5)

  • FPSB India shall upload on their website probable case studies, out of which any two will be asked in the examination.
  • The case studies depicting real life scenario of individual Financial Planning Situations.
  • Each question will carry pre-specified marks for each correct answer.
  • Students will be evaluated based on the following learning objectives:
  • Determining the client’s financial status by analyzing and evaluating the client's information.
  • Ability to comprehend and analyze client specific situations and select the best solution among the given options. This entails a thorough and sound understanding of the well-defined comprehensive CFPCM Certification Curriculum, covering all the Modules (Module I to Module VI)

The following is the Question Paper Pattern for each of the two case studies to be asked in Exam 5/CSP.


Pattern of Questions in a Case Study
       Module I     Module II     Module III
    Module IV
    Module V
    No_of Items Marks No_of Items Marks No_of Items Marks No_of Items Marks

No_of Items


Marks Category


2 2 4 1 2 0 0 1 2 1 2
3 1 3 1 3 1 3 0 0 1 3
4 0 0 1 4 0 0 1 4 0 0
5 0 0 0 0 1 5 2 10 1 5
Total   3  7 3 9 2 8 4 16 3 10
  • A student who scores 50% or more will pass the examination and anyone who scores below 50% (exclusive) will fail the examination.
  • There is no negative marking in the Examination.
  • Successful students in the CFPCM examination are not given their scores or ranks as practiced in most International Professional Certification Examinations. However, given the aspiration needs of the students, grades will be provided to the successful students. The unsuccessful students shall get their marks in percentage terms along with the result.

The following Grading System will be used to provide grades.

Score (Percentage)
    Equal and above 75%
    Equal and above 60% and less than 75%
    Equal and above 50% and less than 60%
    Less than 50%

Permitted Accessories

Students are permitted to use their own calculators – regular / scientific / financial. No exchange of accessories will be permitted during the examination. Students shall also have access to Excel/Calculator in the computers provided by NSE. Kindly note;

  •  Students should not carry hard copy of the case studies uploaded on the website, or for that matter any other paper printed or handwritten in the examination hall.
  •  Students are not allowed to carry Laptop, Palmtop, Log Tables, Annuity tables etc
  •  Students are not allowed to use Calculator in their Mobile Phones.
  •  Mobile phones have to be necessarily kept in the “switched off” mode during the examination.

    Examination Results

    Results will be declared by the system itself once the student clicks the ‘Submit’ button after the Examination is completed or if the Examination duration is elapsed the system will treat the answer sheet as submitted and result will be displayed on the screen. Students shall get a printout of their result at the test center after the Examination.

    Examination Enrolment Process (Exam 1 to 5)

  •  Login to NSE'S Website by using your NSE-NCFM Username & Password

  •  Availability: Check for seat availability

  •  Payment: The payment needs to done directly to NSE on the online platform

  •  Enrollment: Schedule your Examination Online i.e. name of the Exam, date, time, venue.

  •  Students will be eligible to schedule any of the FPSB India's Exam 1-4 online; after passing each of these four exams, a candidate will be eligible to enroll for Exam 5 online.

  •  After enrolling for any exam, candidates will receive only e-mails and sms alerts from NSE on their registered email IDs and cell numbers. Students are advised to upload their photos in their NCFM registration form, if not already done. It is advisable to carry one's Photo ID at the Examination Centre.