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Experience requirement

  • The experience requirement centers on work that involves Personal Financial Planning. Candidates under the Regular Pathway may complete the experience criteria pre or post appearing Exam 5 however candidates under Challenge Status pathway need to have attained relevant experience before appearing Exam 5. The Experience criterion is designed to provide the public with the assurance that the candidate understands the counseling nature of personal Financial Planning.
  • The following chart shows the various experience criteria mandated by FPSB India

Relevant Work Experience

Qualifying work experience in Financial Sector is based on a 35-hour workweek and is defined as full-time (or equivalent part-time) personal Financial Planning services/ related employment or self-employment. In the performance of their job, candidates must have actively used the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the CFPCM Examination (for a listing of topics, please refer to the Syllabus) and the experience gained should help the candidate in the application of the personal Financial Planning process to meet client needs. This Experience can be gained in the following areas provided it meets the conditions listed above.

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Consulting
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning/Advisory
  • Stock broking/Investment advisory
  • Taxation
  • Journalism in Personal Finance
  • Law
  • Insurance
  • Retirement/Pension Planning/Employee Benefit
  • Portfolio/Investment Management
  • Teaching at a post-secondary level
  • Wealth Managment

Corporate candidates are Candidates who are employed with Banks, AMC, Insurance, Financial Services, Broking Firm, Equity Research, Credit Rating, Taxation, Financial Consultancy etc. Self Employed candidates are Candidates who are working as insurance agent, stock broker, financial consultant, mutual fund distributor, income tax consultant etc.

Verification of Work Experience

All work experience related documents and certificates should be duly attested by Head HRD or a Gazetted Officer. FPSB India shall scrutinize all the documents and vet the same before awarding the CFPCM Certification or allowing a candidate to appear for through Challenge Status pathway. If the work experience certificates are not found to be authentic and information provided is false, FPSB India reserves the right to reject the respective application and cancel his / her candidature. FPSB India reserves the right of determining acceptable work experience and may call candidates (at their own expense) for an interview. The decision made thereafter by FPSB India is final. When the experience is earned subsequent to the Certification Examination, you must complete the requirement within five years of the date of the successful completion of the certification examination.