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Sadhna : AMFI training

"Sadhna" training help the participants to prepare smartly for AMFI tests. It instills fundamentals of mutual funds. It helps them to gain clarity and in-depth understanding into functioning of mutual fund. Interactive doubt clearing sessions, revision and mock tests builds confidence of participants and prevents them from committing some common mistakes in exam.

The course covers:

The functioning of Mutual Funds:

  • Concept and role
  • Fund Structure and legal framework
  • Offer Document


  • Accounting valuation and taxation
  • Investment management
  • Measuring Mutual Fund performance
  • Financial Planning
  • Recommending Financial Planning strategies
  • Selection of the right investment product
  • Understanding Risk and Returns
  • Recommending model portfolio and selecting the right fund

Fund Distribution:

  • Business Ethics in Mutual Fund
  • Fund distribution and sales practice
  • Investor services