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Sarthak : Basic training

Sarthak shares the India Shining story and creates conviction towards long term investments to help clients generate wealth. It provides insight into risk and return analysis and impact of taxation on returns to equip them better. Basic training equips new partners with tools and guides work methodologies to understand the impact of goals on the financial health of clients and there by to cajole them to set goals and achieve them.

The course covers:

Potential of Mutual funds in India and various Financial Products:

  • Growth story of India
  • Understanding Equity
  • Valuation of equity
  • Risk and return in the Equity
  • Debt instruments, risk and return
  • Valuation of debt
  • Basics of the Mutual Fund
  • Mutual Fund products
  • Risk and returns for the MF
  • Mutual Fund and Taxation
  • Perceptions and Reality

Goal Achievement Program:

  • What is GAP
  • Need for Goal Achievement
  • Tools for Goal Achievement

Earning potential in Mutual Funds:

  • To highlight huge prospects.
  • To make them feel confident for a great career.

Tools and support facilities:

  • To orient participants with the tools and services offered by NJ Gurukul for effective performance of work.
  • To make them realize the strength of remaining system prone.