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English4all - The Distance Learning Programme

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In early days, people learnt languages from books. As technology, progressed, it gave rise to a new language learning method called "Distance Learning", which is a method of imparting training in a different way. It is the method that focuses on the combination of teaching and technology to students who are not physically present in a traditional educational setup such as a classroom. These distance learning programmes target both individuals as well as groups & professionals as well as non professionals, regardless of their age & place of residence. The reason for huge success of distance learning is the various educational options it offers in pursuing different courses.

English4all is a English distance learning programme designed by NJ Gurukul that will make you understand, speak and learn correct English at home confidently. All you need to do is just devote some hours everyday, as per your convenience, in surrounding of your quiet home & soon you will be a master of English.

English4all stands on the concept of four Es -
  • Easy to read.
  • Easy to write.
  • Easy to speak.
  • Excellent to communicate.
English4all is a user-friendly English learning kit/tutorial for honing the communicative competence, which will help you to understand and learn the language in an effective way. Whatever your level or interest, we are confident that you will find something here to assist you in your studies, work or just to feel more confident with the language.

This is a unique package, which addresses all the four pillars of the language:-

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English4all comprises of -
  1. Seven Cds (Six audio Cds and one MP3 CD)
  2. One interactive computer DVD
  3. A text book
  4. A practice book
  5. Audio track pocket book
Along with these comes a headphone, which is our complimentary gift to our esteemed customers!

The four well divided sections of English4all i.e. Grammar, Reading, Dialogues and Tongue twisters, have been designed keeping in mind the various stages of requirements to learn and develop accuracy and fluency over English.

  • Helps the learner to get a hold on the basics.
  • Command on the written English.
  • A thorough understanding of Tenses and articles.
  • Some generic Points & passages for reading.
  • The passages which have been included are specifically for reading purpose and will help the learner to develop his/her reading levels.
  • A proper reading will also develop the desired confidence in the learner.
  • Listening and Speaking referring the text
  • The dialogues are the most appropriate way of learning to communicate in any language. It enables the learner to listen the dialogues provided in the audio CDs and understand the correct way of speaking, and try and speak in the same manner referring the text for a better and clear understanding.
Tongue Twisters:
  • Tongue Twisters help in the fluency part of any language and this is the reason for including tongue twisters in this package where a learner can hear, understand and practice them to get a total control over his tongue thereby enabling him to speak the language most appropriately.
A noteworthy feature of English4all is its translation and transliteration in HINDI. The grammar section and the dialogues section have been translated in HINDI for better understanding,whereas the reading,dialogues and the tongue twisters sections have been transliterated to assist the learner in understanding the pronunciations properly.

Some of those who can benefit from English4all are:-
  1. Students aiming to get into Corporate world or to be a successful entrepreneur.
  2. Professionals seeking fast growth in their career.
  3. Housewives wanting to be influential amongst their circles.
  4. Parents of School going children in effective parenting.
  5. Senior citizens in crafting good use of time & becoming happier.
  6. Those planning to go abroad.
Also,as the name suggests, English4all is for all age groups, for everyone who is desirous of learning and mastering this universal leader of languages - English.

So take a smart decision by buying NJ Gurukul's English4all pack for learing English & carry the universe of English to your home.

Become leaders at your workplace and walk confidently in your social circle.

Wish you all a very happy learning!

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