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Learn Correct Fluent Spoken English

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Do you feel embarrassed when you need to speak English fluently? Is your pronunciation not as desired or expected? Do you make a lot of grammar mistakes when you speak? If this description fits you, then its time to pull up your sleeves & learn how to speak correct English fluently.

Learning any language in the world without speaking it, is like cracking the hard nut. One cannot learn any language effectively without speaking it. So if you want to learn English speaking with fluency then you need continuous monitoring of spoken words accuracy in terms of pronunciation along with learning English grammar. Learning spoken English is not a rocket science; all you need to do is train yourself to speak English as comfortably and perfectly as you speak your mother tongue. You can do this by inculcating certain practices in your daily life, which will get you closer to sounding like a native English speaker and equip you with a global accent - and you will speak not American or British English, but correct English.

A person who learns to speak fluent English feels like learning an art form. Also, a person who speaks fluent English derives confidence and allows his / her mind to be expanded in ways that are beyond explanation. In today's age, spoken English is super essential and with the essence of this language, one will be able to expand his / her horizons as well as communicate and feel like a citizen of the world. The more spoken English is practised, the more better communication you will have with everyone.

So stop worrying & buy English4all - a learning kit to speak English correctly & fluently.

English4all comprises of -
  1. 7 Cds (6 Audio Cds & 1 MP3 CD)
  2. An Interactive Computer DVD
  3. A Textbook
  4. A Practice Book
  5. An Audio Track Pocket Book
  6. A Head Phone (A Free Gift to our Esteemed customer)
The four main sections of English4all that will enable a learner to master English are Grammar, Reading, Dialogues and Tongue twisters. They have been designed keeping in mind the various requirements of learner to learn and develop accuracy and fluency over English.

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  • For helping learner to get hold on the basics.
  • For getting command on the English writing.
  • For thorough understanding of tenses and articles.
  • Some generic points & passages for reading.
  • The passages included are specifically for reading purpose and will help the learner to develop his/her reading levels.
  • A regular reading habit will also develop the desired confidence in the learner.
  • For listening and speaking by referring the text.
  • Enable the learners to listen using audio CDs and will make them understand the correct way of speaking so that they can speak in the same manner by referring the text.
Tongue Twisters:
  • Tongue Twisters are included to get control on one's tongue which is the most essential requirement for fluency in the language. The more you use your tongue, the more better English you will speak. So twist your tongue with English4all's tongue twisters.
The USP of English4all is its HINDI translation and transliteration feature. In this, the grammar and the dialogues section have been translated in HINDI for better understanding, whereas the reading, dialogues and the tongue twisters sections have been transliterated to assist the learner in understanding & practising the pronunciations properly.

Some of those who can benefit from English4all are:-
  1. Those students who are planning to get into the corporate world or want to be a successful entrepreneurs.
  2. Professionals who want to climb the ladder of growth in their careers.
  3. Housewives who desire to be influential amongst their social circles.
  4. Parents of school going kids in effective parenting.
  5. Senior citizens for effective utilization of time & becoming happier.
  6. Those individuals who are planning to go abroad.
Thus as the name suggests, English4all is for all age groups, for everyone who is desirous of learning and mastering this universal leader of languages - English.

So do you still think that speaking fluent English is a tough task? Isn't it really easy? Yes, it is with English4all!

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