About Us

Management Team

Mr. Neeraj Choksi & Mr. Jignesh Desai are two first generation entrepreneurs who began the journey of 'NJ' in 1994. The promoters of the NJ Group were friends since their college years and the bond between them has been instrumental in the success of NJ. Discussing upon important things before taking any decision, is a habit that they have followed ever since they shared their hostel room in Vidhyanagar, where Mr. Neeraj Choksi was studying for his management courses and Mr. Jignesh Desai was into engineering. They both have a complementary style of functioning that augurs perfectly well for the business.

Driven by their passion for disseminating education, the promoters have successfully put NJ on the forefront of innovation & growth. With a humble beginning from home, the promoters have successfully shaped the group's forays into many diversified businesses. NJ Gurukul is a plethora of knowledge, committed to provide education to aspiring individuals, in order to help them make a career in financial advisory services. With NJ Gurukul, the promoters are aiming to empower the people, in their becoming excellent human resources and to contribute understanding and domain expertise in financial investments space and portfolio advisory service meaningfully to the nation and the human society. The aim is not only to impart training, but also to nuture talent for success.

Dhaval Desai Mr. Dhaval Desai
Dhaval Desai is the Head of Human Resources Function. With an experience of 10 years, Dhaval has been a key player in setting best practices in employee Management. He is also responsible for NJ Gurukul and its training programs.