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Steering Self to Succcess

Productive Human endeavour is one that, leads to achievement of Goals. Achieving pre-set goals provides the sense of success. For being successful, many activities are required to be undertaken simultaneously, that take us towards our Goals.

Passion to have a Goal, coupled with ability to connect with people effectively to avail their support in our Goal Achievement Pursuit, are, the two important requirements to be successful.

Recommitting self, to work tirelessly towards Goal, is the Starter for propelling our selves to move up the heights. This self propulsion is better known as "Self Motivation". Fuel for this self propulsion, are, the "Positive Thoughts", that help us focus towards the Goal and keep us Productive.

Course Coverage:

A peep into self

  • Visualizing Roles and Goals
  • Developing Achievement Motivation
Connecting Self effectively:
  • Process of relating with others
  • Enhancing personal productivity