NJ Gurukul

Board of Trainers

The Board of Trainers, comprising of a cross section of trainers from diverse backgrounds, brings the delivery capability for diverse training modules. NJ Gurukul's BoT (Board of Trainers) comprises of 35 trainers and the average experience in training of these trainers is an impressive 8 years.

  • Selection of trainers is done through a robust process. The qualifications, dedication and passion to training and experience form the major factors of selecting the right person.

  • Evaluation of the trainers in a major activity. All the trainers on board are subjected to evaluation through various methods including feedback of the trainings conducted by them.

  • Continuous improvement by the trainers is another basic and strict requirement. The trainers are required to continuously upgrade themselvesby attending various trainings, seminars, etc. Self initiative by trainers for this is appreciated and duly rewarded. The trainers are informed about their training results as to how did the trainees trained by them at any specific training, fared in the exams. This is done to give them a clear picture of their own performance as a trainer, thereby assisting them in understanding the areas which require more effort.

A training for the trainers is conducted once a year by NJ Gurukul so as to give a clearer picture to the trainers as to what is expected of them and also to reassure uniformity of content and quality, and standardized delivery mechanism by all NJ Gurukul trainers.