About Us


NJ Gurukul constantly strives to nurture talent for success and not only to provide training. It strives to enable people to realize their real potential, thereby energizing them so as to enable them to use their strengths in the best possible way. NJ Gurukul aims to create a fraternity of empowered advisors who will assist clients in wealth creation, and thereby guide them to their destiny.

It believes in empowering people through knowledge and the essential training support. For past some years, it has been serving the financial community with innovative, high quality, comprehensive training programs. It has been helping individuals create and improve their competitiveness by facilitating them to excel, grow and succeed. NJ Gurukul is committed to providing the people with total quality service to achieve the success of their financial training initiatives.Our instructors are not only experienced trainers but are business people who are in tune with the latest trends and changes in the market place.

NJ Gurukul aids in assessing the trainees and providing inputs on product knowledge and skills to perform the functions with effectiveness. Gurukul is committed to provide knowledge, skill and attitudinal enhancement and improvement programs, which are tailor made to suit the organizational culture philosophy and practices for enhancing their capabilities and in turn performances.

NJ Gurukul works to conceive, craft, design, develop and execute effective training modules to energize people with right inputs. It is an organization, which actually believes in the quality of the product, to satisfy the users and build their trust in them to serve them more. It is driven by passion for a genuine idea and powered by strengths that ensure quality delivery & scale.

NJ Gurukul also seeks to help people become better professionals, business personalities & achieve success in their own endeavours. For businesses, as a people partner, it seeks to groom employees & management, so that they deliver upon their expectations & responsibilities, successfully.