NJ Gurukul

NJ Advantages

A Strong Team
NJ Gurukul is equipped with a strong and passionate team, with dedicated focus on training and total commitment to train people in the best possible way and devoted extensively to assist people in enhancing their knowledge & skills. Ours is a team of experienced professionals with exposure to various fields like marketing, finance, sales, people management etc. They are seasoned faculty from financial services industry providing top quality training.

A Qualified Board of Trainers
NJ Gurukul prides itself for having over 35 professional, highly and aptly qualified enthusiastic trainers, with strong domain knowledge, empanelled across India for various training modules. The training modules developed by NJ Gurukul are time-tested & have proved more functional rather than educational.

Selection of Trainers -
The selection of the trainers in done through a rigorous process and the performance of the trainer is judged after a basic evaluation of the trainer after the feedback of the training conducted by the trainer.Thus the trainers go through a robust process of selection.

Uniformity in delivery -
We, as a training organisation, strongly believe in uniformity in the delivery of training all across. The methodology of delivering the training is followed by all the trainers so as to ensure that the uniformity is maintained.

Quality Content -
We believe that quality content does matter a lot and it should be well managed and well organized so as to give the best to the trainees. We provide high quality content material, which is designed by the best in the industry. Apart from this, an exclusive revision CD is also provided to AMFI aspirants.

Strong Lineage -
NJ Gurukul draws from the NJ's rich repository of knowledge, experience and domain expertise to design training solutions that are contemporary, relevant and effective to its target audience. Due to its lineage, NJ Gurukul has the right perspective for the training and what is actually required at the ground levels. We have the largest fleet of advisors and having been in continuous touch with them through the years, has enabled us to understand the various relevant training requirements.

Process Driven Functioning
NJ Gurukul leverages from strong institutionalization of all processes coupled with strong use of technology. At NJ, we have training assessment mechanism in place to assess the performance of the participants. We have set up effective processes and systems to assess progress of learning too, through certification, feedback forms, action plans and follow-up. We continuously seek ways to improve our services and processes, anticipating changes and responding proactively.

Use of Technology
At NJ Gurukul, we provide online desks for both Trainers & Gurukul Members featuring many reports & utilities. Dedicated online access is provided after enrollment to various resources. Practice tests for AMFI are available online. Online query solving is also available for CFPCM certification course.

Products for Everyone
NJ Gurukul strives to nurture talent for success and to assist various categories of people involved in financial industry. With its wide spectrum of offerings, it is capable of providing assistance to a vast group of people. For past some years, NJ Gurukul has been serving the business community with innovative, high quality, comprehensive training and education programs. It has been helping them create and improve their competitiveness by facilitating them to excel, grow and succeed. Keeping abreast with the latest market trends is a way of life at NJ Gurukul. Over the years we have constantly reinvented, restructured and remodelled our own services and offerings. All this has contributed to making it a stupendous journey, for all.

Given below is a comprehensive list of the training programmes best suited to people according to their profiles and requirements.

Sr. No Categories of prospective trainees Suggested Modules
1 Employees in financial services industry (Bank, AMC's, Distribution) AMFI, BT, CFP
2 Financial advisors and distributors AMFI, CFP
3 Students of financial services industry AMFI, CFP
4 Those looking for employment (Employment seekers in financial services industry) AMFI, CFP, English 4All
5 General public for
  • Knowledge Enhancement
  • Soft Skills
  • Communication Skills – English Speaking
AMFI, CFP, English 4All