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Distance Learning Programme
Duration : One year
For whom : For Financial Services Professionals, Existing Wealth Managers, Customer Relationship Managers, Insurance Advisors, Research Analyst, those looking to expand their careers in the Wealth Management, Private Banking ,Financial Advisory, and also graduates who want to be professionally and globally recognized.
Objective : To equip candidates with both basic and advanced skills required to perform tasks and duties as a Wealth Manager, Private Banker and Wealth Advisor.
Course Content :
Level 1: Foundation Level
  1. Overview of Indian and Global Financial System
  2. Concept of Wealth Management
  3. Life Cycle Management
  4. Measuring Investment Returns in Wealth Management
  5. Investment Vehicles of Wealth Management
  6. Managing Investment Risk in Wealth Management
  7. Indian Tax Laws
  8. Legalities in Wealth Management
  9. Role of Wealth Management in Banking
  10. Intergenerational Wealth Transfer & Tax Planning
Level 2: Advanced Level
  1. Equity Analysis
  2. Use of Alternative Products in Wealth Management
  3. Use of Behavioral Finance in Wealth Management
  4. Real Estate Valuation and Analysis
  5. Loan & Debt Management
  6. Portfolio Management Strategies
  7. Relationship Management by a Wealth Manager
  8. International Taxation and Trust Planning
  9. Wealth Management Planning
  10. Advanced Wealth Management
Focus Areas : To sharpen the candidates' skills, knowledge and application required to guide the clients through their financial life cycle of Wealth Accumulation, Preservation and Distribution.